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Hello, my name is Andy MacDonald and I am your current Russell District School Board member.

I was appointed by the current board to fill a vacancy and now I’m requesting your support to continue in that position.

As your representative on the school board, my job is to listen to you and then represent you at meetings and on any board decisions regarding policy, direction, and intent.
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I believe a School Board Member is the most important office in the county, one that is answerable directly to the parents of the children placed under our care.  It is simultaneously, the literal lifeblood of our families as well as our actual future.

We all grow older; kids grow up and start their families and the cycle repeats. My objective, our objective, is to develop a flexible learning system that fits the specific needs of our children and our community.

Change is hard, but this can only be accomplished by working together as a community.  If you can, please support me getting elected as your representative on the School Board.
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Feel free to call, text, or write with suggestions and ideas on any way I can better represent you. I will have any conversation with anyone, about anything, anywhere.

I have been very blessed in my life, and I want and need to give back to this community.

Please consider my candidacy and service as your School Board Member. Thank you.